Just ask any Aussie Kid

They'll tell you their parents dragged them to see the big....

.... banana, prawn or even pineapple....

This is a site featuring some of the BIG's we've visited

In search of Australia's BIG things

Yes we Aussies have a habit of building BIG timber, plastic or steel replicas of our native animals and even our fruit and vegetables.

These are just a few photos of some of Australia's crazy big icons. The photos aren't in any particular order and we can't seem to recall where we saw some of these BIG things...

We would ride around a corner on a country road and there it would be. If you know the location... we'd love to hear from you.

We are missing a couple of real Aussie icons, like the big Merino Sheep at Goulburn as we passed through without the camera.


You all know........


The Big Banana at Coffs Harbour

but have you seen........


We think this rather large Mango was in Bowen in Queensland?

You have to understand that we do a lot of motorcycle trips and they tend to blend into one another after a while.


So we get home with strange photos and struggle to place some of these shots.

Click on any of these small shots to view a larger image


Ok, Ok we know this one...

TAMWORTH, Australia's home of Country Music where we find a giant Golden Guitar


So here we were on a trip from Adelaide to Melbourne and in Victoria we found a Koala who looks so scary he could frighten small children!


And we think this Giant Lobster was Kingston S.E. in South Australia.

We ate fabulous lobster and oysters in that town so we're going with that location

Can't be sure of course, so if you know you can let us know


We're thinking Mackay in Queensland for this fishing Lure


On a back road somewhere near the Sunshine Coast in Queensland we think??


Easy Peazy... this BIG pineapple is near Nambour in Queensland


Pretty sure this one is from Ballina in NSW


We think we were in South Australia but can't remember exactly where...


OK so this isn't technical a BIG but it is BIG and very impressive. It's the Telescope at Parkes NSW


Now this may not strictly qualify as a BIG... but it was a surprise to find it in Henty NSW... a small inland town.


And I know I'm stretching it with this one but... it must be the BIGGEST cartoon building in the world, mustn't it? Just North of Brisbane at AussieWorld.

We'll have to reserve some space for photos of the Big Merino [Sheep from Goulburn] and a few others we've missed....


If you know the location of any of those that we can't remember, feel free to send an email and we'll update the page

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Goodbye and thanks for dropping by